Special Operations Adventure Experience

The Mission X Special Operations Adventure Experience (SOAE) conducted at the world's most advanced counter-terrorism and special operations training center, KASOTC, immerses you in a series of missions and scenarios so intense and extreme that the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred.


An Operations Order (OPORD) directs a unit or units to conduct a military operation. The OPORD describes the situation, the overall mission of the operation, and the activities necessary to achieve the mission goals. Units involved generate a series of more detailed OPORDs outlining the activities required as a series of more focused individual missions.


You are a member of a six to eight man elite unit activated to deploy. You will link-up with your team at a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in a classified location within a semi-permissive environment. You will receive detailed OPORDs and gather intelligence on several mission profiles. You will then conduct discrete missions over a five-day period.


Severely disrupt and destroy an enemy operating cell that has been discovered planning and executing operations in the region.


From your FOB, you will conduct training to hone your skill sets before and between missions. Upon receiving authority to execute your missions, you will move/insert by vehicle, foot or helicopter to the target then conduct actions on the objective using speed, surprise and violence of action.

Administration & Logistics

Upon arrival into Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan you will be met by Mission X representatives as you step off the plane. A one-hour van ride takes you to The King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC), where you will meet Team MX. You will be issued the latest spec-ops equipment and combat uniform. Weapons and other sensitive items will be issued during preparation for your missions. During your stay at KASOTC you will live in a military environment and enjoy access to amenities including a dining room serving international cuisine, a medical facility, recreational areas, a fully equipped fitness center, and a pro shop selling tactical equipment and other merchandise.

Command & Control

All missions and training will be under the authority of the MX Mission Commander. Your team will receive a military designator and call signs will be issued to each team member.

Desert Survival Adventure

The Desert Survival Adventure is conducted against the backdrop of Jordan's majestic Wadi Rum. Led by legendary mountaineer and former SAS Trooper, Harry Taylor, activities include survival techniques, 4x4 driving, camel trekking and climbing. Contact us for for more details.

Maritime Special Operations Adventure

The Maritime Special Operations Adventure is conducted among the thousands of islands in the Florida Everglades. Using a variety of mission-oriented watercraft and equipment, this 3-day adventure is full-throttle adrenaline. Contact us for for more details.

Alternative Adventure Experiences

Mission X offers other adventure experiences with specific objectives.

Special Operations Fitness Assessment

Want to test your true mettle or maybe just get a head start for a career in Special Operations?

Mission X offer programs that will challenge your endurance and fitness while training you in the fundamentals required for success in a Special Operations Selection Course.

Survival Missions

Some environments can be cruel and unforgiving. Find yourself in one of them under the wrong conditions and you will be glad you possess the proper survival skills. Special Operations soldiers are taught to endure hardship and persevere under the harshest conditions on the planet. Several team members put their expertise to the test and set world records on Mount Everest and North Pole.

Mission X offers programs that fuse the spirit of adventure with with how to survive in extreme environments including desert, mountain, open water and arctic.

Corporate Combat Adventures

Those who face extreme challenge together form a special bond. Groups who work together and succeed in the face of adversity become more cohesive, confident, and motivated. Mission X provides extreme challenges designed to foster teamwork, confidence and drive in corporate teams.

Corporate leadership and development programs are formatted like the Special Operator Adventure Experience but can be customized to your specific requirements.

Custom Adventures

Mission X can customize adventures according to you specific requirements. Perhaps you have a particular operation in mind, a preferred location or a specific purpose in mind. Team MX is ready to discuss your needs. Just as military operations take all forms, so can your adventure.

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