Booking Information


Our adventures range vastly in price due to location, group size and other factors. Please contact us at to discuss options and details.

Booking Procedure
  1. Contact Mission X at indicating your preferred adventure dates and requesting an application form.
  2. Mission X will review your application and complete any necessary background checks. In the event you are accepted for an adventure, Mission X will forward further information and documentation including:
    1. An invoice for a deposit securing participation in your chosen adventure experience
    2. Mission X terms & conditions
    3. An agreement for your signature
    4. Payment details. Note that Mission X accepts bank transfers only. Checks, credit cards and cash are NOT accepted.
    5. A personal information form for completion
    6. A medical information form for completion
    7. An equipment list
    8. Safety information
  3. You return all completed forms and transfer the deposit amount to Mission X.

Mission X uses the highest quality special operations equipment and accessories, some of which you will keep after the mission is over. Upon approval of your application and completion of booking procedures, you will be required to submit your sizes/measurements via the equipment document we will provide you. We will ship you your personal kit that will remain yours after the mission. If it is not feasible to ship the equipment to you, it will be prepared and ready for you to receive when you arrive in Jordan.


Your safety is top priority during all Mission X adventures. The very nature of the missions you will conduct will put you in direct contact with actual weapons, vehicles and aircraft. Team MX will give you a highly charged and exciting experience while ensuring you are safe at all times.

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