Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone sign up for a Mission X adventure?

Applicants undergo an administrative assessment to determine eligibility. Eligibility is determined based on physical fitness and criminal history among other criteria. Applicants who have a felony record or show any evidence of criminal activity may not participate in Mission X experiences.

Do I need to be physically fit to complete a mission?

Mission X experiences require participants to be in good physical condition. Participants are required to carry a combat load of equipment similar to loads carried by real solders. While carrying the combat load, participants have to run, jump, climb, crawl, rappel from high structures, enter and exit aircraft and complete other activities associated with military actions.

Do I need any previous military experience?

No. Mission X adventures are designed to be an experience that required no previous military training.

Do I need firearms experience?

No. Mission X adventures expose you to a limited degree of weapons familiarization in order to successfully engage in the adventures and individual missions.

Will I receive formal military training?

No. Mission X adventures are designed to be a special operations experience and participants receive sufficient instruction to make the adventure real and extreme. However, you do not receive formal military training or information on any special operations tactics that may put real Special Forces operatives or operations at risk.

Can I book as an individual?

Yes. Individuals can sign up for scheduled adventures and typically join a team of up to 8 people.

Can I book a group?

Yes. Groups may sign up for scheduled adventures or request a custom adventure.

Can I specify the type of mission I undertake?

The standard 5-day special operations adventure is already scripted and consists of a variety of mission types that play into the overall plot. However, if you wish to book a group, we can discuss customizing your adventure.

Are there any special travel requirements (e.g. visa) for Jordan?

This varies depending on which country you are from. We highly recommend that you research the entry requirements for your country. U.S and U.K. citizens will be granted a visa upon arrival to the airport in Amman, Jordan.

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