Mission X and Fieri Leadership & Development Program

Mission X and our UK leadership and development partner, Fieri, provide a unique 5-day program at KASOTC. Team MX and Fieri liaise with clients in advance to identify specific areas of focus.


The leadership and development training package employs a plethora of military scenarios using assets including live weapons training, vehicle operations, helicopter operations and building penetration. Under the guidance of a team of professional special operations ex officers and soldiers, participants engage with a simulated tactical environment designed to enhance leadership, communication and teamwork.

Throughout the leadership and development training our analysts record and identify strengths and weaknesses as forums for discussion. The ultimate goal is to enhance performance in a controlled risk and stress environment.

Mission X and Fieri use a simulated military environment to deliver this training service. By putting clients under physical and time pressure to solve problems and execute a mission, the training enables clients to mirror the techniques used by Special Forces to find solutions quickly. This is a new and unique approach to commercial leadership development.

Mission X - Fieri Program Objectives

  • Analyze and enhance your planning process
  • Identify and develop your leadership strengths
  • Identify and eliminate or minimize your weaknesses
  • Learn how to empower your managers and employees
  • Ensure that delegates understand and work towards goals you set
  • Develop a range of techniques and methods to motivate your team
  • Understand anxiety and fear and learn how to control it
  • Explore various styles of leadership
  • Expand and enhance your communication tools
  • Speak with confidence under pressure
  • Develop your prioritization skills
  • Enhance your effectiveness as a leader or manager

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