The Mission X team comprises high caliber special operations ex-soldiers affiliated with the world's most recognized Special Forces units including the British Special Air Service, British Special Boat Squadron, British Parachute Regiment, U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Delta Force, U.S. Marines, New Zealand Special Air Service, Denmark Jaegerkorpset and others. Team members draw on professional training, hands-on experience and real-world missions to provide authentic tactical adventures, leadership and development and technical consulting to the film and television industry.

Harry Taylor
Co-founder of Mission X
United Kingdom
22 SAS

Harry served with 45 CDO Royal Marines and 22 SAS operating worldwide. He has vast experience in the commercial security world and has undertaken operational anti poaching, KnR, PSD and instructional roles in a wide range of disciplines.

He is qualified as a high alpine mountain guide through the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) and continues to lead regular mountain adventures. He summited Everest without supplementary oxygen in 1993. He was the 1st Briton to paraglide from Denali and Cho Oyo and is an active sky diver and B.A.S.E jumper. His work as a technical advisor includes double and safety work on over 15 films and documentaries including 'Touching the Void', 'Alive' series for Discovery and Aliens vs Predator 20th Century Fox. As an instructor at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) Harry has trained counter terrorism and special operations forces.

Daryl Holland
United States
Delta Force (1st SFOD)

Daryl Holland is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant Major with over 20 years of active duty experience. His last assignment was as an Operator in 1st SFOD-Delta. He conducted over 1,000 combat missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, and the Philippines as an Operator during his Special Operations career. Additionally, Daryl has over 1,000 free fall jumps under his belt.

Daryl spent 12 years as a Delta Operator/Sniper and 5 years in 1st Special Forces Group as a Combat Diver and Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) Team Sergeant. In March, 2011 he joined the Instructor team at King Abdullah II Special Operations Center (KASOTC) in Amman, Jordan where he trained with Special Forces units from Afghanistan, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, China, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the U.S. As the Senior Instructor he was the Event Coordinator for the May 2012 4th Annual Warrior Competition attended by 32 Counter Terrorist (CT) units. He has conducted Foreign Internal Defense (FID) missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Kurdistan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand.

Johnny "Two Combs" Howard
United Kingdom
22 SAS

John conducted worldwide operations with the British SAS. Based on his experience in the Regiment, he went on to become a bestselling author with his books "Boat Troop" and "Direct Action."

Following his military career, John worked in a variety of leadership and management roles in conflict areas including Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. He assisted in the successful release of 16 expatriate hostages in Sierra Leone and was team leader of the Families' Security Detail for the Saudi Ambassador to USA. He was lead mentor for emerging Iraqi Special Operations Units in Baghdad, lead instructor for the U.S. Department of State Anti Terrorism Assistance Program in Indonesia and chief instructor for the Special Operations Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE. His media work includes technical advisor for a 6 part SAS TV Documentary. John has served as director of operations at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center in Amman, Jordan.

Martin Hewitt
United Kingdom
British Parachute Regiment

Martin commissioned into the parachute regiment and served on operations leading elite paratroopers in Africa, Europe, Middle East and North America. Subsequently, he specialized in training indigenous forces.

Life changing injuries in combat led Martin to make a transition to adaptive sport. He represented Great Britain internationally in paralympic ski racing winning one gold, two silver and two bronze medals. He set two world records walking unsupported to the Geographic North Pole and climbing the eighth highest mountain (8162 meters) in the world, Mount Manaslu. His consultancy work has led him to working with regional national and international sporting teams and many British and International companies. His media experience includes managing televised expeditions (Harry's Arctic Heroes) with His Royal Highness Prince Harry and a team of disabled soldiers raising funds for charity by climbing Mount Everest.

Jaco Van Gass
United Kingdom
British Parachute Regiment

South African born Jaco van Gass moved to the United Kingdom in 2006 aged 20 with the sole intention of joining the British Armed Forces. By mid-2007, Jaco had completed his basic training and joined the respected Parachute Regiment and deployed as a rifleman on peace keeping duties and operations as part of UK Special Forces Support Group.

Five and a half months into Jaco's second tour of Afghanistan, with just 2 weeks remaining, Jaco sustained severe life changing injuries when he and his platoon were engaged by enemy Forces. After an intense 45 minute fire fight Jaco was hit by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG). His injuries included the loss of his left arm at the elbow, collapsed left lung, shrapnel wounds to his left side, punctured internal organs, blast wounds to his left upper thigh, broken tibia and a fractured knee. In 2011 he was a member of a team who trekked unsupported to the Geographic North Pole. This group of wounded soldiers became the first to stand on top of the world at 90 degrees north, with Jaco the first amputee. Since then Jaco has summited Gran Paradiso, Italian Alps (4061 meters), Lobuche, Nepal (6119 meters) and Mount Manaslu, Nepal (8164 meters) the 8th highest peak in the world. These peaks were conquered as part of his training for an Everest (8848 meters) summit attempt in 2012.

Christian "Chris" Thomsen

Chris served over 20 years in the Danish Army with 13 years in the Danish Army's elite special operations unit "Jaegerkorpset", also known as "Huntsmen Corps". He was responsible for developing and carrying out training and tactics for the unit at large. Chris planned, coordinated and executed training for the unit in many countries including the United States, Sweden, Jordan, England and Germany. Chris has extensive operational experience in both Iraq and Afghanistan where he participated in a variety of missions. Chris also serves as a training coordinator for NATO's Close Protection Unit located in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Chris is a well-recognized firearms instructor and holds many national and international titles in practical shooting (IPSC/USPSA). Additionally, Chris has won National Championships in the biathlon and parachute free fall categories. With ten years experience in executive leadership development, Chris draws on his diverse background when conducting training and teambuilding in extreme environments.

Matt Nyman
United States

Matt is a combat veteran from both Iraq and Afghanistan. He began his Army career as a Ranger in the 75th Ranger Battalion and later was selected into another special operations unit within SOCOM, who he spent a second tour with in Iraq. During a special operations mission in 2005, Matt was in a helicopter crash near Baghdad. The AH-6 Little Bird he was on took debris into its main rotor and went into an uncontrolled spin. Matt was thrown into the tail boom resulting in his right leg being severed by the main rotor with several other serious injuries.

Despite his long recovery and life changing injures, Matt has developed into a seasoned and successful climber. In May of 2010, he climbed to the summit of Mt. McKinley (Denali). Then in September of 2010 he climbed Mt. Lobuche with Soldiers to Summits.

Charles "CK" Redlinger
Co-founder of Mission X
United States
U.S. Marine Corps / Metropolitan Police SWAT Sergeant

CK served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an Assault Team Leader, Assault Breacher and a Close Quarters Battle Instructor. Later, he joined the DeKalb County Police Department (Atlanta) and served as a patrol officer in the streets of Southeast Atlanta, a detective in the Robbery-Homicide Unit, a sniper team leader on the SWAT Team and as Commander in the Vice & Permits Unit.

CK earned over 20 commendations for actions in the line of duty. CK worked on a close protection detail for the regional US Ambassador in Basra and as General David Pertraeus' Security Manager at the Multi-National Security Transition Command — Iraq in Baghdad. He was selected to assist in opening the world's premier Counter Terrorism Training Center (King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center) in Jordan. He developed the Business and Operations sections and ultimately held the position of Deputy Director (Acting). Over the course of three years, CK was instrumental in building the center's reputation as a center of excellence and establishing an international network of clients for the 200 million dollar facility. CK organized the Annual Warrior Competition for its first four years. This competition brings together international Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations units to compete in challenging live-fire exercises.

CK has appeared in both TV and movies as both an actor and a precision driver. Additionally, he has worked in the capacity of a military advisor, police advisor and trained actors for their military/police roles on film.

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
United States

Craig's tactical career started in the U.S. Marine Corps. He transitioned quickly to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. Activity while attached to DEVGRU remains classified and is not represented here.

With a special interest in martial arts, Craig participated in SCARS (Special Combat Aggressive Reaction System) hand-to-hand training under Jerry Peterson and the SAFTA system with Lew Hicks. He has competed in fighting tournaments in South-East Asia. His knowledge of security led him to manage the specialized teams responsible for providing security to U.S. Senators, Hilary Clinton, John McCain, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte and other U.S. Ambassadors and key U.S. leaders in war zones. In addition to his tactical skills, his ability in motocross/supercross gave him the opportunity to train with national champion, Marty Smith and professional motorcycle road racer, Mark Roberts. Craig competed successfully in motocross racing and won 2 championships in Las Vegas in 2003. As a subject matter expert Craig has appeared in news broadcast, documentaries and starred in several TV series.

John Mcphee
United States
Delta Force (1st SFOD)

Sergeant Major (Ret) John Mcphee served a distinguished career in U.S. Army Special Operations for over 20 years, retiring in 2011. John spent his adult life in special operations and special mission units. He is a Master Instructor in all aspects of special activities, missions and operations.

John has trained countless U.S. Special Operations forces, thousands of International Tier 1 Operators and Special Forces around the world. He is one of a handful of Tier operators with over a decade of combat having served in multiple theaters from Bosnia and South America to recent war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gregg "Pup" Johnson
New Zealand

Gregg spent eighteen years in the New Zealand Army, and half of that time serving with 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Group.

During his time in 1 NZ SAS, Gregg trained as a patrol medic and a breacher. He used his skills in both the Domestic Counter terrorist and Special Operations Squadrons. Additionally, Gregg served as a close protection specialist in Iraq providing protection to both the British Foreign Office and to the U.S. department of state. Gregg completed two operational tours to Afghanistan where he was an assault team leader responsible for training NZ forces and the Afghan Crisis Response Unit in Kabul. This role saw him conducting special operations missions in support of ISAF and the Afghan Government.

Bernie Shrosbree
United Kingdom

Bernie is a former member of the Royal Marine's elite Special Boat Service (SBS) and a world class athlete in adventure sports. He has experience providing tailored professional training programs for teams, corporate organizations, athletes and individuals.

Bernie has over 30 years experience of top level competition and coaching in various disciplines including adventure sports, nordic skiing, triathlon and winter biathlon. He has won TV's UK Survival of the Fittest three times and has been runner up in the World Survival of the Fittest and Conquer the Arctic. He has worked with international adventure racers and various Olympic athletes including the Great Britain rowing squad, cyclists and world champion triathletes. He created the United Kingdom's first Formula 1 Human Performance Training Centre and worked with drivers including Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella. He was performance advisor for the Suburu world rally team working with drivers such as Carlos Sainz and the late Colin McRae. He continues to work within the motorsport industry with high profile drivers and teams. Bernie is credited with training 'Team Qinetiq' (Olympian and adventurer James Cracknell, television presenter presenter Ben Fogle and Dr Ed Coats) prior to their entry in the South Pole Race 2008/9. The team came second to a team of Norwegian polar experts.

Filmer "Cazz" Castaneda
United States
2nd Force Reconnaissance USMC

Cazz served 12 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and was the Detachment Commander for the Maritime Special Purpose Raid Force during Operation Restore and Continued Hope in Somalia. Following his honorable service, he became a training lieutenant for a nuclear site preparing armed responders to defeat acts against radiological sabotage and later joined the ranks of the Federal Air Marshals.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Cazz performed high-risk dignitary protection for U.S. and Foreign Diplomats. He also trained Free Iraqi Fighters (FIF) in Baghdad, and Kurdish (Peshmerga) militia in Northern Iraq to augment perimeter defenses and Counter Assault Team members. He has trained countless international security personnel in support of the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense. Additionally, he was responsible for tactical and technical methodologies and mentorship to prospective firearm and tactics instructors for US State Department certification.

A highly regarded tactics and firearms instructor, Cazz was formerly a staff instructor at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) where he trained a variety of international special operations units and protective details. When in the United States, he is often sought out to train governor and mayoral protective details, SWAT and police Investigators with high risk and low profile dignitary protection, advances, planning and motorcade operations. Cazz remains a training sergeant for the Harahan Police Department in Louisiana.

During film productions, Cazz has worked in the capacity as a military technical advisor, actor, precision driver, and military trainer for actors.

Brian Hall
United Kingdom
Mountaineer & film consultant

An accomplished climber and qualified International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) guide, Brian is also a professional mountain photographer. He has worked on over 100 film and video productions in a variety of roles as mountain safety officer, associate producer, second unit action director, actor, climbing stuntman, location finder/manager, rigger, first aid officer and location stills photographer. He is a technical consultant (design, training and testing) for several leading outdoor equipment manufacturers including Scarpa, Grivel and Mountain Equipment.

Brian co-authored "The Face: Six Great Climbing Adventures," an acclaimed BBC series, and played the character of Scottish mountaineer Dougal Haston in "The Bat," a film about the epic 1959 first ascent of a climb on Ben Nevis. He has directed and produced his own award winning short 'Balance of Risk' featuring quadruple amputee climber Jamie Andrew. He consults for Venture Film, a company that provides media content for the outdoor industry, and recently completed, "50 Years in the Mountains." Brian's work as an international mountain guide and filmmaker have taken him to, Matterhorn, Denali, Jordan, Vietnam, South Africa, Canada, USA, Borneo, South Georgia, Everest and, of course, throughout Europe.

Film & Mountain credits
  • Organization of all mountain filming on the BAFTA award winning film 'Touching the Void' and its sequel "Beckoning Silence." Drama recreation in the Mont Blanc region for "Mallory – The Wildest dream", and glacier safety on Svalbard for "Far North," training and caving action on "Descent"
  • Ski action, safety and logistics on "Bridget Jones," James Bond's "Die another Day" second unit in Iceland, and the spectacular ice climbing in the opening sequence of "Alien vs Predator."
  • Companion to Kenneth Brannagh on the "Shackleton" Channel 4 Drama in Greenland and the Irish K2 drama-doc feature "The Summit" and mountain rescue for "The Hobbit" in New Zealand.
  • Dog sledding with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in Tierre del Fuego.
  • Climbing and BASE jump safety on huge limestone cliffs in France for "Top Gear."
  • Slack-lining in New Zealand with Jack Osbourne for "Adrenaline Junkie 3."
  • Filming with Jack Osbourne on Show 4 with celebrities Elijah Wood, Craig David, Bez, Charlie Brookes, Emma Griffiths and Jodi Latham including the descent into Cave of the Swallows, Mexico and the first ever tyrolean crossing of the Victoria Falls, Africa.
  • Safety and logistics for the important "Great Climb" BBC2 outside broadcast in Scotland.
  • Working with television presenters Brian Cox on volcanoes in Ethiopia, Kate Humble on Ben Nevis and St Kilda , Julia Bradbury and Hugh Dennis in various locations in the UK
  • Sea cliff safety on "Doc Martin", British television comedy.
  • Mountain safety on 7 episodes of the C4 / Discovery "Alive" / "I Shouldn't be Alive" series.
  • Difficult access and at height safety for "The Royal" and "Emmerdale," British television series.
  • Dog-sled journey across Baffin Island in winter for BBC 2's "Wilderness Walks".
  • Indoor safety and training for LWT's successful game show 'Gladiators' in Birmingham NIA.
  • Safety on an overhead crane in London 's docklands with Davina McCall whilst filming "Don't try this at home."
  • Consulting on numerous BBC documentary series including" Mountain Men," "Wild Climbs," "The Face," "The Edge," "5 Climbs, 5 Islands" and "The First Great Climb" in worldwide locations.
  • IMAX and 3D projects such as "Shackleton," "Sydney Tower Theatre," and "Atlantic Roaches Climb."
  • Commercials involving BASE jumping and climbing for Range Rover, Regatta, Black Yak and Berghaus along with risk assessments for a recent Guinness ad.

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