Mission X brings together an international team of former Special Forces soldiers. The team shares your passion for travel, adventure and calculated risk-taking. If the thought of trekking the Amazon, climbing Everest and HALO (high altitude - low opening) jumping from 30,000 feet doesn't faze you, you might just be ready for the MissionX experience, whether you are looking for an extreme adventure vacation, corporate leadership and development training or technical advising to ensure your media production portrays military situations accurately.

Mission X tactical adventures involve highly-charged, realistic war-game scenarios requiring participants to execute covert special operations missions. You step into a role as an elite unit member charged with undertaking a variety of daring and risky missions. You can expect to learn new skills and be challenged physically and mentally for the duration of your adventure.

Mission X and Fieri offer a leadership and development training program like no other. Structured around military situations and operations, the corporate combat adventure will bring out the best in managers and their teams and lead to more effective planning.

Film and television draws on the expertise of an international team of ex-Special Forces operators with real-life experience of special operations in the field. Previous work includes documentaries filmed in the world's most extreme environments and Hollywood movies filmed on location and in the studio.

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